Space Nation Astronaut Program Raised $3.4 Million Through 541 New Space Investors

Cohu Experience recent crowdfunding campaigne was crowned with success - the company raised a $3.4 million for its Space Nation Astronaut Program. In this case, success is no surprise since Cohu reported it raised its first million in only 43 minutes after the campaign went online.

"Space travel is a universal dream and we are proud to welcome everyone to join Space Nation as investors or participants. This is an inclusive program so anyone in the world can participate. We really want to democratize space," said Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola, the CEO of Cohu Experience.

"Space is something that interests us all, no matter where you live or how old you are," said Michael Suffredini from Axiom Space. Suffredini is a member of Cohu Experience's Advisory Board and former NASA International Space Station Program Manager.

Space Nation Astronaut Program (SNAP) is being developed together with real astronaut trainers from NASA. The program consists of tasks, through which its users' can develop and improve physical, mental and social skills the human in space may need. Participants who have gained the most points will be selected for a training competition under the supervision of NASA's astronaut trainers. The competition will be turned into interactive video series, where viewers can participate in the development of the plot. In the end of the series one lucky winner will get a ticket to space.