NASA Europa Challenge in Helsinki

From East to West, cities across the globe are utilising technology to collect data in the hopes of becoming cleaner, reducing traffic, and improving quality of urban life. Aalto University together with University of Helsinki, Ultrahack and NASA are joining forces to make the city of Helsinki smarter, cleaner and more mobile. If you want your city to be a better place to live, NASA Europa Challenge is for you.

NASA Europa Challenge is a global challenge for innovative solutions utilising spatial data to improve urban living and sustainability.

With the use of NASA-built open source platform WorldWind for visualizations of 3D globe, map and geographical information students, industry and academia will build solutions that improve life in Helsinki or any other city. The aim is to figure our how we can better manage our urban infrastructure and aspire to Helsinki livability.

To achieve that, participants can utilise satellite data for optimum agricultural methods or use unmanned aerial systems (UAS) data to map buildings, terrain, vegetation analyses, road conditions, optimum transportation, and more. But it is also possible to come up with new ways for data access, analysis and visualization.

Finals will take place in Finland 29th – 31th of August 2017: 29th – 30th in Aalto University Campus, Espoo and
31th in Nokia Executive Experience Center, Espoo.

To accept the challenge and develop solutions that serve your community and benefit your city, fill in the form here. The winner will get 6000 euros!