First Estonian Crowdfunded Satellite

Estonian ESTCube team raised over 38,000€ in crowdfunding to develop and build ESTCube-2 satellite. Over 500 backers supported the campaign on Hooandja. The money will be used to test electric sail and launch the ESTCube-2 satellite in 2019.

The total budget for developing ESTCube-2 is 200 000 euros. Plus, additional 300 000 euros will secure a space for the satellite on the launch rocket. That makes it total 500 000 euros to be a total cost of the ESTCube-2 project.

Currently ESTCube-2 is the largest space project in Estonia that combines hardware and software development with over 100 people involved.

The first ever satellite made in Estonia, ESTCube-1, was launched into space in 2013. ESTCube-2 satellite will be three times the size of ESTCube-1 and will be sent to low Earth orbit for testing a 300 m long E-sail wire, or so-called tether. The technology tested on ESTCube-2 could bring a satellite down from 700 km above the Earth to burn in the atmosphere, thus help to reduce space debris and contribute to safer access to space.

Photo courtesy - ESTCube-2