Finnish Students Will Work With NASA On Creative Problem Solving

Finland is currently in the middle of negotiations with Boeing and NASA regarding Epic Challenge - an initiative for students to tackle the epic challenge of sustaining humans on Mars.

To accomplish the goal of coming up with new inventive solutions, students will study the innovation processes and methods used by NASA, and will be mentored by NASA astronauts Tim Kopra and Charles Camarda. Both astronauts are visiting Finland encouraging students to join the Challenge.

"Epic Challenge is about utilising different strengths and recovering quickly after failures. Even though implementing new ways of working may feel difficult, creative problem solving culture at its best is an economically sustainable tool for companies." - said Charles Camarda, American astronaut and Senior Advisor for Innovation at NASA during his recent visit to Finland.

The purpose of the challenge is to encourage young people to build their career in the space industry. During the program that started in 2015, Finnish students have worked on various solutions related to establishing human settlement on Mars. Students have developed hundreds of different concepts for NASA. Notably, eight student teams have received external funding for the further development of their projects.

The Epic Challenge is organised with support of Jonsuu-based software company Arcusys Ltd. The company is famous for building an online learning environment Valamis used by NASA. Students will use Valamis in their work, as it allows them to gather teams regardless of location, to leverage each other's strengths and to exchange their knowledge at the same time in different parts of the world.