ESA opens access for its space images, videos and data

European Space Agency announced it has adopted an Open Access policy for its content such as still images, videos and selected sets of data. As a space agency, ESA has been sharing enormous amount of information, imagery and data with scientists, industry, media and the public at large on web and social media. The problem with all this content was that a large share of it is produced in cooperation with ESA's partners, for example, in science and industry. Now, with the adoption of new policy, ESA content can be used for the general public, media, the educational sector, partners and anybody else seeking to utilise and build upon it.

"This evolution in opening access to ESA's images, information and knowledge is an important element of our goal to inform, innovate, interact and inspire in the Space 4.0 landscape," said Jan Woerner, ESA Director General. "It logically follows the free and open data policies we have already established and accounts for the increasing interest of the general public, giving more insight to the taxpayers in the member states who fund the Agency."

"Free and open access to ESA's knowledge, information and data are a cornerstone regarding our link with the larger public and user communities and will thus contribute to societal benefit.” - continues Marco Trovatello, Cross-Media Coordinator & Strategy Advisory for ESA.