5G Internet For Europe

ESA and European space industry join forces on 'Satellite for 5G'

ESA and 16 satellite industry leaders today signed a joint statement on their collaboration over 'Satellite for 5G' at the Paris Air and Space Show.

ESA and the European space industry are joining forces to develop and demonstrate the added value that satellite brings in the context of 5G.

As part of an ESA 'Satellite for 5G' initiative foreseen over 2018-20 and beyond, ESA and the European space industry will work together on 5G service trials, including satellite capabilities, with a focus on selected sectors targeted by 5G, so called 'Verticals', such as transport, media and entertainment, and public safety.

The next step will be for the signatories to consolidate the defining elements of the trial projects and transversal actions by the end of the year.

The joint statement signed today advocates further convergence between European industry and institutions on 5G, which will also be reiterated at the ESA/European Space Policy Institute conference on 'Space and Satcom for 5G: European Transport and Connected Mobility', 27-28 June 2017.

ESA recently convened a 5G Round Table in Paris to determine how the space industry should join forces to work with the terrestrial sector in areas of mutual interest. It is recognised that the choice of communication technology should be transparent to the end user and based upon location, type of service and cost efficiency, with 5G and satellite communication integrated into the future hybrid communication mix. One vertical market to be addressed is the transport sector, including connected cars, trucks, ships, trains, airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles.

"5G provides a major opportunity for our space industry, for space and satellites to become integral parts of the future generation of communications networks and services. The joint statement demonstrates that our key industrial stakeholders are ready to join forces in response to this industrial ambition. ESA is going to define a framework supporting industrial action and further strengthening and coordinating institutional support in Europe and in particular with the EC," commented Mrs Magali Vaissiere, ESA Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications.