4 new startups join ESA BIC Sweden

1 startup company from Linköping, 1 from Trollhättan and 2 from Luleå have joined space incubator ESA BIC Sweden and will get half a million SEK (50,000 euros) each for further development. On top of the grant, startups will also receive business and technical advice from ESA's industrial partners.

The 4 companies joining the incubator operate in various fields from satellite imagery to drone delivery and aim to increase commercial use of space using patents developed by the European Space Agency. Let's take a closer look at ESA BIC Sweden newcomers.

Flypulse from Trollhättan has developed a system for defibrillator delivery via drone to people suffering from cardiac arrest. More than 5 000 Swedes suffer annually from cardiac arrest and only 500 of them survive. Flypulse provides fast solution using both topography and satellite data to find the quickest route to those in need.

It is a great progress for us. By joining ESA BIC we get expert advice and seed capital that will help us to achieve our business goals much faster, says Sebastian Wallman, Founder Flypulse.

Another company joining the incubator is Wilda Tracking. The company has developed a system using space technology to improve the safety of rescue firefighters, especially in forest fires.

"ESA BIC Sweden gives us a unique opportunity to enhance our technical skills and expand our network. We can hardly get better conditions to reach the market. The future seems bright," comments Daniel Nilsson, CEO Wilda Tracking.

Cystellar from Linköping builds a cloud-based data platform for agriculture. Many of the company team members have a space and space related technology background. Together they developed a solution which lies in monitoring farms from space, air and ground. CyStellar helps farmers and agronomists to have a clear understanding of what is happening in each individual field and during each crop growth stage.

Sol-Ionics from Luleå is joining ESA BIC Sweden with their patented ionic liquids for lubrication that can be used in space but also other industries.

So far ESA BIC Sweden is a home for 14 startups. You can learn more about the incubator and to submit your business idea here.